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OMG! There is so much to do at this small Dubai enclave that you could spend a whole month here let alone a weekend.  With the cooler months on the horizon Hatta is ready to open its doors again to the general public, and welcome back those souls on the hunt for some adventure.  Where To HQ is clambering at the chance to visit, explore and try out some of the thrilling activities on offer.  But the question is… are they brave enough??


As well as being home to the ultimate thrill-seekers haven that is the Hatta Wadi Hub, Hatta showcases some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the UAE.  From the desert to mountains to the turquoise waters of the Hatta Dam this is a picture-taking-paradise and has something to entertain every member of the family.

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Where To's Best Of Hatta

As you will find out if you keep reading (and you'll want to keep reading) Hatta is chock full of things to do and see and will keep you entertained throughout the day.  In fact you may need a vacation after just to recover!  Here is Where To HQ 5 top things to do to get the most out of your trip of Dubai's adventurous 'little sister'.



1. Mountain Biking – Grab your padded pants and don’t forget your helmet!  There are numerous trails here that cater for most abilities of riding.  Hatta trails are free to ride and open all year round.  And cycle and helmet hire is available if you do not have your own.

2. Hiking – Choose between 4 challenging hiking trails that wind through the Hajar mountain range, circle the azure lakes and around ancient heritage sites, which now span a total of 35km.  Pulling on your hiking boots, packing your camera (and snacks… you will always need snacks) and exploring the differing terrain is considered the best way of experiencing Dubai’s biggest national park.


3. Kayaking/Canoeing – There is nothing quite at peaceful as paddling along the tranquil waters of the Hatta Dam with the most breath-taking scenery of the Hajar mountains beyond.  The view itself is pretty insta-worthy – just try not to fall in while trying to capture it!

4. Horse riding – Enjoy a cowboy experience on the back of a well-cared for Arabian horse. Trek through the wilderness and enjoy the scenery on top of your noble steed. 

5. Paragliding – Be the envy of your mates and experience Hatta from 500ft above it! There is nothing that will make you feel more on top of the world than soaring through the air with the view of Hatta's varying landscape below. 


Where To Ultimate Thrill-seekers - The Wadi Adventure Hub

Daredevils make yourself known!   Depending on your time-limit, budget and well... bravery, there are a multitude of activities and adventure you can try out at the Wadi Adventure Hub and tick straight off the bucket list.  

Hatta Drop In –  This is one for your speed-demons.  Launch yourself, via a network of slides into a plug pool - reaching speeds of 40 - 80 kmph and heights of 15m!  The question is will your eyes be open for a look at that amazing view?

9am - 6pm  |   6+  |  Kids  AED 50 Adults AED 95


Gel Ball - Paintball without the pain and no mess.  This is the first of its kind in the region, and don't worry - all your safety gear is included. 

8am - 6pm  |   8+  |  AED 85 (20 minute game)

Tube Sliding - Think tobogganing, but sliding down the mountainside on inflatable tubes. 

 8am - 6pm  |  15+  |  AED 45 (per round)

Zorbing - Rolling down a big hill in an inflatable hamster ball with a bucket of water thrown in for good measure.  And even better you can bring a mate to share the hilarity.  Duel tracks for 1st-timers and experienced 'zorbers'.

8am - 6pm  |   6+  |   AED 55



The Hatta Drop In


Football Zorbing – Competitive. Tiring. Hilarious.  Inflatable hamster balls cover your entire body except for your legs and you play a game of football against your mates.  Let the hilarity commence.

8am – 6pm  |  6+  | AED 35 (minimum 4 persons)

Archery – Channel your inner robin hood and shoot some bullseyes in Hatta’s 5 lane 10m archery range.  

Weekdays 8am - 6pm Weekends 8am - 8pm  |  8+  |  Kids AED 35 Adults AED 50 (15 minutes duration) 

Axe Throwing – Cathartic fun.  Get out all that inner anger by hurling an axe at a target (safely!).  30 minute sessions practising before challenging your friends and strangers to make it to the top of the leader board.  A first in the UAE.  

Weekdays 8am - 6pm Weekends 8am - 8pm  |  16+  |  AED 50

Mountain Cart – Race (or roll) down the mountainside in purpose-built 3-wheeled carts.  Need for speed.

9am - 6pm  |  16+  |  AED 95 for 2 rounds  

Small Plunge – Test who can bounce the highest on this trampoline net for kids.  

8am - 6pm  |  6+ (weight 15kg - 50kg)  |  AED 10 for 15 minutes 

Big Plunge – Why let the kids have all the fun?? A trampoline for adults.

8am - 6pm  |  6+  (50kg – 110kg)  |  AED 10 for 15 minutes 

Net Walkway - Walk through Wadi on suspended footbridges. Take a birds eye view of the natural beauty of Hatta.

8am - 6pm  |  4+ (15kg – 110kg)  |  AED 10 for 15 minutes 

Twin Zip-line – 350m twin zip-line – so you can experience the thrill of soaring down a mountain with your best buddy or significant other.  

8am - 6pm  |  6+ (45kg – 90kg)  |  AED 95

Wall Climbing – Calling all Spiderman wannabes. Test your mettle climbing up a specially constructed climbing wall.  With 5 different levels of difficulty to choose from there is something to suit all abilities.

8am - 6pm  |  7+ (15kg – 120kg)  |  Kids AED 35 Adults AED 50 

Cannon – Have you ever wanted to be shot from a canon. No? me neither, but some people have apparently and so here you can.  Your body will be shot out of this human slingshot and can achieve speeds of 100kmph!  

8am - 6pm  |  16+ (45kg – 90kg/140cm – 200cm)  |  AED 90

Booking is advisable for all activities and subject to availability and weather restrictions.


Where To find some Family Fun

It's not all about thrills and adventure seeking at Hatta.   This is an exceptional place to spend some quality family time, relax, rejuvenate and explore this beautiful national park together.

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The Hatta Sign

Hatta Honeybee garden and Discovery Centre 


We've all heard how important bees are to our eco-system and the survival of the human race and here at the Hatta honeybee garden and Discovery centre you can get up close to these furry little cuties learn about the life of the humble honeybee. Who said learning is not fun??  Discover  the state of the art equipment and technology used to manage all that sticky stuff in the biggest honey producer in the region. 

9am - 5pm

Hatta Sign


Who needs Hollywood??  Sitting at the highest peak of the mountain, and only accessible by foot (it takes about 30 mins to walk there), this 60m sign is well worth the trek if only for the 'gram.  

Hatta Heritage Village

Enjoy a bit of traditional history and Arab culture by visiting the Hatta Heritage Village.  This popular tourist spot really gives visitors a chance to step back in time and experience the Emirati way of life from times gone by.  This mountain village is said to be over 3000 years old, and you can easily wile away a couple of hours exploring the 30 different structures in the village.  Make sure to check out the stunning backdrop of the Hajar Mountain range beyond.

Saturday - Thursday 7.30am - 8.30pm Fridays 2.30pm - 8.30pm 

Hatta 360 Observatory

The Observatory, which dates back to 1880, is an old military tower built scour the landscape and sky any oncoming attackers below.  Luckily the attackers are gone but this tower is well worth the visit to enjoy the unspoilt views of the incredible landscape.  

Also make sure to check out the Hatta Falaj, the traditional water supply which dates back to the 1800's, and swan lake is a beautiful spot for birdwatching.  Finally, finish your day with a family BBQ at Hatta Hill Park, which with its children's playing field and running track is the perfect place to burn off some energy before sitting down to some grub!


Where To Stay at Hatta


Damani Lodges, Hatta 

If you fancy continuing the fun and want to extend your trip Hatta has a range of different overnight options to suit most budgets and styles.  

SEDR Trailers Resort – If quirky is your thing you can camp on the banks of Hatta dam in your own luxury airstream trailer.   But this is not the 'trailer park' of the movies - this ultra modern campsite nestled in to the Hajar Mountains is hotel standard and with air conditioning.  Each Trailer comes with its own covered outside space and can comfortably sleep two adults and two children under the age of 8. 

Damani Lodges –  These stilted, purpose-built lodges creeping up the mountainside offer incredible views from you own private hill-top balcony terrace.  The are in the perfect location overlooking the village and Hatta Wadi Adventure park to jump right back into the action after a good night's sleep!

Hatta Dome Park – Give yourself a bit of pampering and luxury, you deserve it and stay at on of Hatta's 15 dome shaped permanent tent structures for the ultimate glamping experience. Panoramic windows looking out on the Hatta mountain range, as well as your own terrace equipped with a BBQ and fire pit. 

Hatta Camping – If you're more a no-frills type of family bring your own tent (or caravan) and set up camp surveying the beauty of Hatta.  If you don't have your own equipment Hatta has camper vans available to rent. 


JA Hatta Fort Hotel – Dubai’s only mountain resort offers luxury and adventure out of every pore. 

Hatta also offers several farmhouse stays for larger groups and longer stays.

Happiness Farm Hatta – Great for large family get togethers.

Sunrise Farm Hatta – Ultimate relaxation in this cute and cosy farmhouse. 

The Palm House Hatta – Where modern meets rural. Sleek modern farmhouse with spectacular views of the rural landscape beyond. 

For more information and booking you can visit www.visithatta.com/en/stay

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