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Sheikha Fatima Park

Abu Dhabi's newest park.

Sheikha Fatima Park

Park Life
Sheika Fatima Park

With the cooler weather now upon us, now is the perfect time to hit up a park and where better than one of Abu Dhabi’s newest park offerings, Sheika Fatima Park. This brand new, fresh-faced park has enough to entertain every member of your family (including the four-legged kind) and there is even more on the horizon for this spot just off the Corniche. Location wise it’s fairly easy to find, but beware google maps can lead you a little askew, but there is an entrance straight into the car park off of Al Bateen Street. There is plenty of parking both on street and using the car park.

Fun for all the family:

Although there are not masses of open space here, the space is utilised well and packs a lot in the urban-jungle-esque location. There is a kids play area, complete with sandpits and natural wooden play equipment, a splash pad, a basketball court, and a bike/running track. There is plenty of benches and grass area, but it should be noted that BBQ-ing is not allowed and the signs state that you should not bring in your own food. So picnicking is out too. But there are loads of trendy food offerings and hip cafes if you are feeling peckish. For the older kids there is a large skate park, and unlike a lot of the parks I have seen in Abu Dhabi it is long enough to get some speed up, and there is plenty of equipment to show off some tricks including several boxes, grind rails and even a couple of staircases. There is even a climbing wall planned for the future.

Wagging Tails:

Sheika Fatima Park also made history this year by opening Abu Dhabi’s 1st designated dog park. In this enclosed area you can let your pup off lead, and even try your hand at a bit of agility training. The park is free to use for all dog owners – you just need to provide your dog’s name and phone number to the security guard. Your dog must be well socialised, fully vaccinated and please remember to always pick up your dog’s poo!


Fancy some cake:

For the foodies among you there is a plethora of eateries open and even more set to open in the near future; from the most instagramable hot dogs at Seven Dawgs, chic salads at Crunch & Much Café to the café-cum-bike shop, Momentum.

The park is a lovely way to spend a chilled afternoon, enjoy the winter sun and let some young legs burn of some steam. I am looking forward to seeing what else opens up here soon!

by Lorenna White
January 2022