Zero Latency Virtual Reality

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Zero Latency at Galleria Mall

I’ve just got back from taking my teenage son and a friend to this very cool place. Before I get told that it’s cheaper in Spain (), yes it is 150dhs for 30 mins but I was so impressed with the experience from start to finish that I would definitely go back!

Booking; did this online - so straight forward: book the time and the game

Arrival; log in on the tablets as you arrive. You are advised to arrive 20mins beforehand as you have an orientation to do

Orientation: boys were taken off for a safety talk, introduction to the rules and to the equipment

The game: I watched them as they entered the arena and put the VR goggles on and it was hilarious watching them getting used to being in a whole new world They did two games. Engineerium was the first game and they had to work as a team with everyone else in the room. There is a maximum of 8 players and there are two supervisors ensuring the players are safe and following the rules. As a spectator, I could watch what each player was viewing and it was amazing graphics. The second game involved shooting zombies and each player was equipped with a gun. Both boys enjoyed this game more and they said they could alternate between gun and crossbow which was “fun”! At the end, when they came out, there are screens with their scores on which made for an amusing and competitive conversation.

On arrival, I discovered that this place is run by two former pupils of mine and I could not have been prouder. They were so passionate about it and even took me backstage to see the whole set up. All I can say is “wow”!!! Whilst I won’t pretend to understand it, it really was so impressive. They really deserve to succeed!

It’s for 12+ or over 130cm. The back pack weighs 6kgs so that needs to be considered as you are wearing it for half an hour.

Kerry Singleton


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