The Louvre for kids

Louvre - children’s museum - ‘Emotions! The new art adventure’

After yesterday’s hit at OliOli, I took my kids today to the new and improved children’s museum at the Louvre. Since home schooling is still on the cards for this week, we wanted to mix it up a little and explore the world outside iPads and online learning

The great: It is a three story museum within the Louvre (where the former children’s museum used to be) and it is all about emotions. Right at the beginning, the children fill in their name and age in a computer and a little wristband comes rolling out, with their personal barcode. The barcode can be scanned at different stations on the ground floor, where, when they scan their band, questions will appear on an interactive screen. The stations cover four different emotions (happiness, sadness, being angry and being scared) and they will have to look at the artwork (covering the particular emotion) and answer questions. I thought this was very well executed and I especially liked that the questions were easier for my 5 year old and more challenging for my 8 year old. By answering all the questions and covering all the stations, you can collect points and badges.

On the second floor, you will find three different art stations (again based on the four emotions) and there is a very cool interactive room where you can pretend to be a DJ and can play with music and sounds fitting to the emotions covered.

Once you’ve finished on the second floor, the lift will take you to the lower ground, where the kids are invited to playfully reflect on their emotions. You can ‘feed’ you anger away to a mask who will ‘nomnom’, you can float your worries away on a paper boat in a stream etc. There is also a very cool interactive game where you have to mimic poses of statues and people portrayed on paintings.

Kids go free for every paying adult. On the website it says that for each child there has to be one adult. Seems a little annoying to me, but I guess this is to prevent children running around in the normal museum.

Staff was great and explained everything detailed to the kids.

The bad The toilets were absolutely appalling . We arrived straight when they opened and the toilets obviously hadn’t been cleaned from the day before

I’d say it is definitely worth the visit. When you can, try. - Paulien Jongman-Bouwmans.

to go on a quiet time as it won’t be fun when it’s packed and you have to wait before a station is free.


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