Seven Wellness Yoga Fun

*Group Activity Alert!!*

So my friend Nibedita Rath decided that for her birthday this year, we will try *something different* (okay, there was a bit of drinking last night but that’s besides the point ). That’s how 8 of us found ourselves at the Sevenwellnessuae studio in Reem Island.

You step into the studio and are immediately transported into another world where calmness and tranquility are the order of the day. This was my first ‘serious’ Yoga experience, and I loved every minute of it. Raven, our Instructor, was amazing! My flexibility leaves a lot to be desired , but oh well, I did try!

We took a package that included Yin Yoga, Shavasana with Reiki Meditation. The session was certainly much more than I expected. The experience ended with a 3-course raw vegan lunch in the utterly Instragram-able Café, everything was incredibly delish

Totally recommend for a group, (I think even couple - when I find my other half lol ) activity.

Prices are customizable, so do reach out to them if interested.


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