Qasr Al Watan Vibes

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Qasr Al Watan! Majestic! Resplendent! Glorious!

Its an amazing place to visit; especially now in the hot summer months. Although I had seen many beautiful pictures of the palace; nothing prepared me for the absolute beauty that it is!!

Booking is easy on the website; and on arrival, there is a security check that is smooth flowing. We were escorted to a bus that led us to the palace; through lush gardens, fountains and perfectly manicured lawns, a sight to behold on its own.

The entry to the palace is breathtaking, the photos below barely do justice! We were awestruck and spent a while just taking in the beauty and majesty of the structure. Within the halls, there is a lot to see on the history, and culture of the UAE. Very interesting were the beautiful gifts received on display. Prominently displayed is Pope Francis' visit. Many would remember the amazing reception The Pope received at the palace

There is a light and sound show on weekends, must watch. Its included on the ticket, or can be booked separately.

All in all, a must see!!

Val Rodriguez


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