My Favourite exhibits at various pavilions

After 2 days, 50,000+ steps and 40 pavilions, these are my favourite ones! The next 40 pavilions are coming once I get my legs working again, but so worth it!

INTERESTING PAVILLIONS as per my taste Part 1

Mayan culture mirror and light shows - Mexico Lunar rock and SpaceX - USA Your own Avatar and micro life made from ordinary things - Japan Stunning temples - India Michelangelo's David - Italy Helix - the Philippines Fraternity - The Holy See The rare tanzanite rock - Tanzania Supercar - Croatia Plastic blooms - Chile Amazing Persian rugs - Iran Throne and amazing masks - Angola Humongous brain - Russia Amazing Persian rugs - Iran Light hall - Oman Fantastic furniture from plastic - Denmark

If you are interested in these too, just lock them in Google map so you can find your ways easier!

See you next visit!


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