More tips on EXPO2020

Lots has been said about Expo already so I’ve only a few bits to add:

  • If you want to go early: although it opens at 9, the pavilions we wanted to see don’t open till 10. Best to arrive in the carpark by 9.30 and get to where you want to be by 10. It’s hot.

  • Some of the pavilions are really good. The best of our bunch was New Zealand which rendered me thoroughly homesick and Belgium which was lovely and interactive and had lots of stuff to buy. The less exciting ones were those that had lackluster videos and not much else going on. We loved the ride on the sky garden - worth AED30 I think - and loved the water feature.

  • In terms of food, we had a beer in NZ and frites with mayo (no one does fries like these) and waffles in Belgium which were divine! 2 waffles, 2 fries, 4 cans of Aquafina cost AED174. Worth every fil.

  • If you didn’t bring your own bottle, finding water on your way out, when you need it most, is hopeless. They could do with water carts all along that street.

Overall, we enjoyed it and will go back to see all the things we didn’t see first time round … but in January, when the weather is tolerable.


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