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Happy Paws Salon Home Grooming in Abu Dhabi

The time has come again. There is a tip tapping of slightly-too-long nails on the floor. There is a permeable tang in the air which can only be described as dog musk. There is an excess of pug hair on… well… everything. My dogs need a groom.

Being flat out at work and not seeming to be able to take care of my own personal grooming (TMI ), I had little time (or patience) to give them both a bath, dry and de-shed and then try to take on the arduous, and near impossible task, of clipping their nails. So, I tried out the upmost in convenience – a home grooming service.

HAPPY PAWS SALON are the new kids on the block of the Abu Dhabi pet care circuit but scrolling on their uber-cute insta account I was sold and decided to book the terrible two in for the full works.

Convenience is the name of the game here, and as the bright pink van parked up right outside my apartment block, they called me to bring the pups downstairs. The van is exceptionally clean, and with all the mod cons you would expect from a much bigger salon, they even have a little wardrobe full of doggy outfits... I am not kidding! The groomers, Jackson and Eric, were polite, friendly and full of cuddles for my two. One thing I really appreciated was they took the time to ask my dog’s names and make a fuss of them, making me feel much more confident to hand them over. You could tell they were genuine animal lovers. During their time in the van both dogs had a full wash with shampoo, blow dry, de-shed, ear cleaning, nail clip and they even brushed their teeth! I was able to go back upstairs and continue working while they were pampered and was called when they were done. They both came out of the van with tails wagging and smelling a heck of a lot better! (In fact, I am writing this a couple of days after their groom, and they still have that baby powder freshness)

The van was then meticulously wiped down and off they went to their next grooming session with a happy wave. The whole experience was a lot quicker than I thought, in fact it probably took me more time to try and get the little fluffballs to pose for a picture!

Happy paws are competitively priced, efficient, friendly, and professional and I would definitely recommend. Oh… and they do cats, rabbits, and birds too!

For dogs prices start from AED 180 for a small dog full groom. Check out their Instagram here

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