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Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Green Planet Dubai Butterfly Garden Dubai

Trying to keep a 6 year old occupied in this heat is testing us to our limits and we’re always looking for new places to visit indoors! Our ‘holiday’ this summer took us to the far flung delights of Dubai and we decided to visit two indoor ‘nature based’ attractions while we were there. Emirates Park Zoo and Al Ain Zoo are firm favourites in our household but they’re just too hot at the moment!

*Green Planet* - my advice is to go as soon as it opens at 10am while it is quiet and fairly empty. Their car park is currently being used as a testing centre so you have to park in City Walk car park (2 hrs free, which is just about as long as you need in Green Planet). The place is a biosphere full of birds and animals that roam freely so expect to see a lemur or a parrot pop up next to your head as you walk down the walkway. There are plenty of information boards and staff around to tell you about the animals and we were able to get up close and personal with a snake and a giant cockroach There are extra experiences you can pay for but they seemed really expensive so we just paid for the standard entrance ticket at 89dhs. There is a cafe and free soft play area outside which we managed to brave for about 20 minutes at the end of our visit. All in all, a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

*Butterfly Garden* - not to be confused with Miracle Garden which is next door and outside! There is a residents’ offer on at the moment so we paid 125dhs for a family of 3. It seems quite old and dated compared to the more recent attractions in Dubai but we loved it. You walk carefully and quietly through 4 zones and different types of butterflies fly around and land on you if they like you! You can have them on your hand if you let them walk carefully onto you and I’d advise close supervision of small children with this. There is also an arts and crafts room where children can do some activities and a small cinema space that shows animated films throughout the day so you can spend quite a few hours here. Again, go early to really enjoy the peace and quiet. We found it really calm and relaxing and wished we could just sit with a book with the butterflies hovering around us pretending to be in a meadow far away from the heat…



Cathy Stephenson


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