As my previous post about visiting Expo with kids seemed helpful to everyone, I’d like to share a little bit more information, based on our visits!

I know how much of a hassle it is for families with young kids to plan a big outing, and one of the main problems faced is food! Some kids are picky no matter where they go (like mine) so we pack their food to bring along, but for the little gourmets who enjoy eating out, it can be another fun aspect of going out.

I’d like to share some of the information we gathered on our visits regarding eating at Expo with kids Hope it’s useful for everyone!!

SUSTAINABILITY Terra - Floozie (Ground floor) Amazing vegan stuffed cookies!

Sweden - IKEA Cafe A safe and comfortable option for kids and adults alike! There are chairs and tables so you can sit and eat while the kids run around the wooden pillars.

Japan - Sushiro (revolving-belt sushi) Reasonable prices, great service, authentic taste. There is also a toilet inside, which was very convenient for kids who can’t seem to tell us they need the toilet until the very last minute! It was entertaining for our son too, and he thoroughly enjoyed the ramen noodles.

Netherlands - Dutch Dubai They have a variety of vegetarian items, like sandwiches, burgers, and even stroopwafels. Takeaway only.

Spain - they have a very nice restaurant with alcohol, jamon, and paella, among the many items on their menu. No specific kids menu but they have churros and that’s bound to be a winner.

New Zealand - Tiaki They don’t have a kids’ menu specifically, but their menu looks amazing and the dessert options would make any kid happy for sure! Full menu:

Portugal -

They have the most amazing pastel de natas and bombolinis on the ground floor next to the shop! (They have a restaurant too but no kids menu)

Non-pavilion options:

Bussola - pasta and pizza! Menu:

MOBILITY Australia - Melbourne Lane, The Local Grill Loads of good food here, complete with live entertainment, and the occasional appearance by the adorable pavilion mascot! Adults can enjoy a cheeky pint or two as well.

France - Paris-Versailles Café This is a cafe downstairs that you can access without entering the pavilion, with sandwiches, pastries, bread, etc. as well as drinks.

Denmark - Hungry Dane Burgers, hotdogs, and fries! Takeaway only.

Hungary - They have a nice restaurant/bistro for adults, with a kids menu! Full menu:

Belgium - CapitalBe and BeHappy There is a kiosk downstairs outside the pavilion that has fries and waffles! And the restaurant inside the pavilion has a kids menu Full menu:

Non-pavilion options (In front of the Mexico pavilion): Burro Blanco - If your kids like tacos, this is the place for you! Takeaway only

Dominos - I know loads of kids love pizza, so if all else fails head here! Takeaway only.

JUBILEE PARK Irish Village - They have a kids menu, and the adult food is not bad too. The alcohol is just a bonus for those who fancy a pint Full menu: (only downside: smoking is allowed so if it gets busy it might not be ideal for little ones)

Talabat Kitchen - A good idea if you don’t want to walk a lot, you can sit in the AC, order via the Talabat app, and wait for food to be delivered!

OPPORTUNITY Switzerland - Sprüngli They have hot chocolate, macarons, chocolate & truffles, and a selection of sandwiches, quiches & croissants. Takeaway only.

UK - Restaurant & Bar 1851 Fish and chips anyone? With the weather getting better, an al fresco dinner is the way to go.

USA - Hotdogs and hamburgers under the Falcon-9, what more could a kid ask for?

Non-pavilion options: Domino’s - Next to the Morocco Pavilion. Takeaway only.

Hope this is useful! You can always pack food/snacks for the kids, they are very understanding. You can also bring hot water for formula/bottle warming, if you wish.

If anyone else finds any other great food options for kids, please do share!

Wishing you a wonderful Expo experience!!!


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