Abu Dhabi’s latest addition, Sheikha Fatima Park

Abu Dhabi expands its portfolio of exciting open space projects with this 46,000 square meter Sheikha Fatima Park located in the heart of the city.

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This dilapidated playing field has been turned into a leisure and fitness hub for families. The park opens early for members of the public ahead of its official opening date later in the year, and is split into three zones: Discovery, Adventure, and Experience.













The discovery zone is ideal for walking, jogging, and soaking up the greenery and manicured gardens, whilst the adventure zone contains a skate park, a pet park, and a play zone with a splash pad, toddler zone, and boulder play area perfect for young children.


The experience zone has everything from CRANK – a boutique spin fitness gym, a nursery, to retail stores including a bank and a cycle store, and several food and beverage outlets like Crunch, Sola, Chocolate Republic, Social Café, La Patchouli Café, Acai Ko Café, Starbucks, Seven Dawgs and Coal Steakhouse.


It wouldn't  be Abu Dhabi without a VIP and valet service as well as a multi-storey carpark on site for both residents and park visitors.

Sheikha Fatima Park is a must-visit, especially in the fabulous winter months.


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