EXPO 2020 DUBAI - Plan Your Trip

It's here! And we're here to help you have an amazing Expo experience. 


Anyone eligible for free entry must obtain a ticket

Children under 6 years of age will only be able to obtain a ticket upon arrival and cannot be pre-booked online.

All visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (with a valid ID).


To Book your tickets, go to www.expo2020dubai.com or you can call the contact centre on 800 EXPO so +971 800 3976 & WhatsApp available on +971 56 444 2020

How To Get There

By Car - If you choose to drive to Dubai Expo 2020, you can get here all on all major roads and just follow the signs for the four designated parking zones: 


  • Opportunity parking zone (from the E77 Expo Road)

  • Sustainability parking zone (from the E77 Expo Road or D54 Zayed Bin Hamdan al Nahyan)

  • Mobility parking zone (from the E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road)

  • Dubai Exhibition Centre parking zone (from the E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road)


Parking is free of charge for all Expo 2020 visitors and is open Saturday to Wednesday 08:30 to 00:30, and Thursday to Friday (and special days) 08:30 - 02:30.  Make sure to scan the QR code at the end of your parking row to be able to find your way back to your car at the end of the day!


Valet Parking is also available on a first come first served basis in Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility Parking Zones for a fee of AED 95.


Since Nissan is one of the official partners, Nissan drivers can park their car closer to the gate at the Nissan parking area (Sustainabilty and Mobility parking zones).  Spots are limited and will be given- first come first served. 


All car parking zones will offer a free-of-charge parking shuttles - no need to walk more than 600m from your car to the gate!

By Taxi/Careem/Uber - Taxis can easily be picked up from around the different emirates - book  by phone or downloading the app!  There are dedicated drop-off spots near Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility gates.


By Metro - The Dubai Metro Red line takes you from the city of Dubai to the entrance of Expo 2020.  For those of you that are green conscious it is by far the most sustainable way of getting to the Expo (and the fastest too!).


By Expo Rider Buses  - Expo 2020 visitors get free-of-charge trips on the Expo Rider buses.  Return trips must be taken from the same gate you got dropped off at, so make a note of it!  You can catch these dedicated bus services from locations across the UAE

You need to show a vaccination record, green Al Hosn OR a 72 hour negative PCR result. 

Masks must be worn at all times.

Social distancing must be adhered to.


Lorenna's Top 8 Tips For  Expo Success

  • Wear comfortable shoes - this one is a must!  There is a lot of walking at Expo and my legs were killing at the end of the day, so protect those tootsies and wear some sensible trainers or walking shoes.  There are free “people-movers” which travel to different areas but we didn’t need to use these.  For a price you can hire buggies (golf carts) which can be rented by the hour or for the whole day.  (It should also be noted that there are bikes to rent which I personally think is a nightmare as there are no designated bike paths so to have people careening on bikes through the hoards of people just seems like an accident waiting to happen.)

  • Pack the sun cream - when walking to the different pavilions you will be walking outside and we got some interesting tan lines by the end of the day.  

  • Don’t expect to do everything!  As you may well of heard Expo 2020 is BIG and we were there for hours and barely scratched the surface.  I think there are two ways to do it, either 1.  Come very well prepared, know exactly which pavilions you want to see and head straight to them (it should be noted that the walking from one pavilion to another will take most of the time so plan accordingly - don’t yoyo through the site, try to plan pavilions that are close by one another to maximise your visit). Or 2. Go with the flow - just head to things that interest you or pique your fancy on the day (you need to be understanding that you will only cover a small fraction of the site this way).  

  • Get a paper map.  I found the map on the expo app useless as it was hard to see what the pavilions were and it wasn’t very user friendly.  There are also not many park maps around.  But the visitors centre’s have paper copies which are much easier to read and make the site easier to navigate.  

  • Be prepared for things not to be open or available at the moment.  It seems like they were still struggling with a few teething problems (especially with the large amount of tech in some of the pavilions) and some things weren’t open at all, which was a shame.  

  • The Expo passports are a must!  You can buy these (for AED 25) at all of the official merchandise stores and get the stamped at every pavilion you visit.  This is a great one for the kids as it makes it very interactive, but also it is a fab little souvenir to remind you of your visit and I didn’t feel out of place as an adult collecting all my little stamps with glee. 

  • Bring your own water bottle!  This is one thing I truly hope expo sorts out sooner rather than later as we found it a struggle to find enough places selling drinks.  I brought my own water with me which I was glad for but actually only saw 2 water refilling stations. There were vending machines around but most weren’t working or still in their plastic wrapping. 

  • Go early to avoid the queues.  Like everything in the UAE Expo gets noticeably busier when the sun starts to descend so get there during the day to avoid queuing.  (The UAE pavilion seems to get the brunt of the queues as we queued for around 30minutes for that early in the day, so that might be one to head to early). 


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