9 Thrill-Seeking Activities in Dubai

Are you not satisfied with beach chilling, food consuming trips to Dubai anymore?  Are you craving something thrill-seeking to fuel your adventurous spirit?  Where To HQ has compiled a list of 9 adrenaline- pumping, heart-racing, mettle-testing activities that the bravest among us need to try out.

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Aventura Park 

This is a great option for thrill-seeking families as Dubai’s largest zip-line Park has something for all ages.  Set in a beautiful ghaf tree forest, you can zip through the trees, a la Tarzan, for up to three hours (on the basic package) on 5 different courses of varying difficulty and heights.  There are also spine-tingling challenges such as the Leap of Faith to really prove your worth against your friends (or your kids…).  

Cost: 3 hours zip-line park access starts from AED 95.  Aventura challenges are AED 75 per challenge. Height and age restrictions apply.


Ski Dubai

For those of you not heading to cooler climates this winter you can have some snow fun right in the heart of Dubai.  With a full ski slope, and chairlift, catering for everyone from beginners to the advanced snow-bunnies out there, they also offer several thrilling activities in their snow park including a bobsled, snow zorbing and a snow bullet ride.  Oh, and they even have penguins!  Different packages available. 

Cost: 2-hour slope access starts from AED 220 and snow park access starts from AED 175.

Dubai Aquarium

Feeding the sharks at Dubai Aquarium - Spanning 3 floors of the Dubai Mall this aquarium is huge and the bravest among us, and perhaps the ones who haven’t seen “Jaws” recently, might want to head in to the 10-million-litre-tank tank to get up close and personal with the 33,000 underwater residents, including 4 different species of shark!  Don’t worry if you are not a certified diver, they offer a “shark walk” with oxygenated helmets and a shark training encounter. 

Cost: Shark packages start from AED 620.


Kitesurf Dubai

Love watching mesmerising kite surfing action, head to Kite Beach, and if you fancied giving it a go, head over to see the experts at Kitesurf School Dubai, the UAE’s leading provider of kitesurfing training.  Thrilling, fast, unpredictable, and harder than it looks. 

Cost: Introduction to kitesurfing lesson for 2 people starts at AED 400 pp.   


Parkour DXB

Learning a new skill, scoring major cool points, and getting fit in the process.  Okay, so we’re not going to lie, you will probably not look that cool to start off with, but practice makes perfect, right?!  Learn from professional parkour instructors how to break down physical and mental walls and start leaping over them in no time. 

Cost: Parkour DXB offer a free trial class.


EFOIL at Searide Dubai

Experience the thrills of skimming through (or hovering above more like) the waves on an electric surfboard, and get some jaw- dropping pictures in front of Dubai’s most famous coastal landmarks.   

Cost: 30-minute experiences start from AED 525

Dubai Slingshot

This is not for the faint-hearted!  Be pulled back 40 meters and launched at 4G, catapulting you and your screams 120 metres across the sand at the picturesque Kite Beach, reaching speeds of 100 kmph. 

 Cost: Single rider starts at AED 280.


Flyboard at Hydra Water Sports

Feel as cool as James Bond as you get to grips with this Insta-worthy  sport.  Be propelled up to 45 feet in the air on a special jet-propelled water board.  Learn some tips and tricks from professional flyboard performers. 

Cost: Prices start from AED 250 for 15 minutes.


Skydive Dubai

We couldn’t talk about thrill-seeking without mentioning the ultimate bucket list-er, skydiving.  And where better to do it than over the iconic landscape of the Palm Jumeirah or the rolling dunes of the Dubai desert.  Leap gallantly out of a plane at heights of 13,000ft and free fall at over 120 miles an hour.  Tandem and solo dives available (solo dives only for licensed divers). 

Cost: Tandem dives at the Palm from AED 2,299 and at the Desert from AED 1,799.   


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